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Sewing Delights

Sewing Delights

This is one of my favourite parts of the studio, and looking a it makes me want to sew! The wooden reels are mainly Silko cotton thread- I am (slowly!) trying to collect all of the colours, which have amazingly evocative names such as ‘Light Mole’, ‘Dark Gobelin’ and ‘Gay Kingfisher’. I recently came across a magazine advert for Silko cotton threads dating from the 1930s, and apparently they produced over 250 colours- it may take me some time to complete my collection! As well as enjoying admiring them, I do also use the thread, particularly when I have more than one reel of the same colour. The cotton thread is thicker than the commonly available cotton thread made today; this makes it ideal for sewing thicker fabrics, and for embroidery. So, useful as well as beautiful!

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