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Monday Mood Board- Vintage Ephemera

Some vintage finds awaiting use in a collage or two…


I have a collection of small vintage finds such as these that I upcycle or use in craft projects. The interesting items range from keys, watch faces and tape measures to engravings, photographs and medicine labels. Some of the finds are worthless on their own (e.g. a key with no lock, or a single domino), but can tell an interesting tale in a collage, or form a useful part of an upcycling project (for example the domino could be made into a drawer pull/handle).

The downside of collecting these little things is that I sometimes feel that there are so many things to make, and too little time!

A Vintage Portrait


Life is much more fun when you smile!


Monday Mood Board: A Vintage Portrait


Monday Mood Board

Some lovely 1950’s fashions from a vintage sewing magazine, one model is sporting a rather unusually-shaped hat…!


An advertisement from the same vintage magazine is shown below: it’s amazing to think that such a widely used piece of haberdashery as the zipper actually hasn’t been around for very long (just over 100 years). Apparently the name is onomatopoeic, referring to the sound made when the zip is closed or opened (interesting fact courtesy of Wikipaedia). I can’t believe that that had never occurred to me before…

Vintage-sewing -magazine-adverts-page

Vintage Sewing Advertisements

Whilst flicking through some sewing magazines from the 1940s and 50s the advertisements caught my attention:

Vintage-sewing -magazine-adverts

There was obviously no shortage of gadgets being marketed at home sewers and knitters…

Vintage-sewing -magazine-advertisment-page

…and as can be seen in the advert below, kittens were used to sell things back then too!

 Vintage-sewing -magazine-advertisements

Monday Mood Board

I have acquired a few vintage photographs over the years, and particularly like those featuring horses or dogs, and those where the ‘sitter’ is striking an unusual pose (like the girl doing a handstand below).

Vintage Black and White Photographs

At this time of year when a lot of families get together, there is a certain poignant nature to vintage and antique black and white photographs. I hope that the subjects enjoyed many happy Christmases together with those they loved.

Monday Mood Board

Dog-themed mood board

I’ve spent a lot of time working in the garden with the dogs this summer, so I thought I’d gather a few dog-themed pictures together this week!

Bunny in the garden

Bunny and Flora

Monday Mood Board

'The Faces of Time' mood board

Some of the many faces of time…


Vintage, sewing, and some cute animals!

Vintage, sewing, and some cute animals!

The circus horse fabric was hand printed by me as an experiment- I was pleasingly surprised how sharp the lines remained, despite the fabric being a soft cotton.

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