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Natural History Inspiration


A recent museum trip provided lots of inspiration- I particularly enjoyed looking at the textiles and natural history exhibits. As you can see here, there were some interesting bird displays, with a wide variety of species from all over the world displayed together.

Monday Mood Board- Orchid Flowers


I have a row of orchids on the windowsill in front of my work bench, and never cease to be distracted by them when they are flowering. I love the delicate shapes of the flowers, and find the gorgeous colours particularly inspiring.

yellow-orchid  pale-yellow-orchid

Because the foliage of the different plants is almost identical, I often have a nice surprise when they flower, as I have forgotten which one is which colour!

violet-orchid  lilac-orchid


orchid-flower  purple-pink-orchid

New Year, New Goal


I can’t believe that 2016 is already underway! After a busy Christmas I have started to think a bit about New Year’s Resolutions, and future plans of the creative type.

First of all I plan to repeat a resolution I followed in 2014:

Not to buy any craft materials/supplies during 2016!

Unlike 2014 I will not allow myself to buy or acquire any second-hand materials either (I find a lot of my craft supplies at car boot sales), in an attempt to make a serious dent on my craft stash over the course of the year. In order to make this resolution slightly easier to keep, I will still be allowed to buy glue if required.


I hope that this resolution will help me to be more creative with the materials that I have, and encourage me to complete projects that I have been planning for a while. I expect to engage in a fair bit of upcycling and Make do and Mend as well. I am looking forward to a creative 2016, and a smaller craft stash by the end of the year!


A Vintage Portrait


Life is much more fun when you smile!

Monday Mood Board- Seaside Sunset


Although the ‘summer’ weather here has been fairly changeable lately, we have had a couple of lovely sunsets over the last week. The coinciding high tide has made for some very picturesque scenes that I couldn’t resist photographing…


The way that the clouds mirrored the ripples on the water was particularly eye-catching. Although it wasn’t one of the most vivid sunsets that I have seen, the soft pastel colours were lovely.


Monday Mood Board: Summer Flowers


Well, the ‘summer’ weather here in Devon has been a bit hit and miss so far this year, but the lovely flowers don’t seem to have noticed!




Ok, I actually managed to sort of forget about my Pinterest account for a few weeks (I’m only 35- I dread to think what my memory will be like when I’m a pensioner…!), but having remembered it all of a sudden, I have added a couple of new boards and lots of new pictures. If you fancy a peek then click here.

I am going to attempt to update it far more often, as I realise that there is no point in anyone revisiting if nothing has changed! On that note, I am off to do some updating…

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