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Monday Mood Board: A Vintage Portrait



Crocheted Flower and Neon Pompom Garland

crochet flower and pompom garland

This garland hangs above a print tray in my studio that contains a rainbow of vintage wooden cotton reels. I enjoy crocheting, and had wanted to make a crocheted flower garland for ages, but I struggled to find the time in between other projects. However, with the help of a 50p crocheted mat from a charity shop (see picture below), and some pompoms left over form another project, I managed to make a quick and easy version, that is still handmade.

The garland is a great project for using bits and pieces of vintage haberdashery, or odds and ends from your craft/sewing stash! This is how you can make your own:

crocheted flowers

  1. Wash and iron your mat (handmade mats/doilies like this can be found in charity shops and at car boot sales with relative ease. The great thing about this project is that if part of the mat is torn or stained, then you can discard that section and still use the rest!).
  2. CAREFULLY unpick the stitching that holds the individual flowers together.
  3. Select- or make- your pompoms.
  4. Attach a pompom to the bottom of each flower. I sewed mine on, but this was time consuming and fiddly. With the benefit of hindsight, next time I will glue the pompoms to the flowers, taking care that none of the glue is  visible on the final piece.
  5. Select, or make, the string that the flowers will be suspended from. I crocheted a base chain to the desired length, as I felt that it was in keeping with the flowers.
  6. Sew the flowers to the string. I don’t think that glue could be used for this stage, as it would be visible on the finished garland.
  7. Hang up your garland and enjoy!

crochet flower and pompom garland close-up

  There are many variations that can be applied to this project: try dyeing the crocheted flowers; use a brightly coloured ribbon or piece of ricrac for the string; use feathers, buttons or beads instead of pompoms; try crocheted flowers of different sizes on the same garland; use pompoms all in one colour for an understated look, and/or match the colour of the pompoms to the string or flowers; make a large pompom from yarn, and attach a smaller crocheted flower beneath instead of on top…etc…..



Handmade Summer Dress

Horse and Blue Dress

I made this summer dress last year from some beautiful bright blue fabric decorated with sketches of Brighton Pavillion. I took AGES trying to make sure that the neck ruffle was evenly gathered (yes, I had to resist the temptation to try to measure all of the ruffles individually…!), but think it looked ok in the end. It is lovely to have some sunny weather to wear it again this year (this photo was taken yesterday), and I thought that the blue fabric against the green grass and chestnut horse (yes, he’s ginger) really made all the colours pop. It took a lot of courage to post a photo with me in though!




Monday Mood Board

Monday Mood Board

Some lovely bright colours and patterns that have caught my eye today…


Yellow and Grey Fox Fabric Dress

Yellow and Grey Fox Fabric Dress

I am just about to start a new sewing project, and thought I’d share a picture of the lovely fabric with you before I start! To make the most of the pattern, I’m planning to make a fairly simple, short A-line dress, with a detachable belt made from the same fabric.


Liberty Print and Other Vintage Fabrics

Liberty Print and Other Vintage Fabrics

A hunt around a large local car boot sale last Sunday revealed these lovely vintage fabrics, including some ditsy Liberty florals.


Monday Mood Board!

Monday Mood Board!

The start of a new occasional series- the Monday Mood Board picture! Some things that are inspiring me this week, including vintage glass buttons and pastel colours. The labradorite, silver, opal and jadeite necklace was one of my early jewellery projects, when I was still learning basic stone setting techniques.

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