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Monday Mood Board


Just like Washi tape, a bundle of colourful ribbons looks very inviting to the maker/crafter, and can inspire all sorts of projects!




Simple Jacket Re-Styling


I recently bought this (very reasonably priced AND in the sale!) wool jacket,  but felt that it needed a bit of jazzing-up. The lining is a lovely bright pink, but the pink woven stripes of the tweed are quite pale making the outside of the jacket look a little dull.

With the help of some pink velvet ribbon and a bit of hand sewing I livened the jacket up. As the jacket was already assembled, spending the time on hand sewing meant that the stitches were invisible from the other side, which was particularly important where the ribbon runs down the inside of the jacket fronts.

Apologies for the poor pictures, I got a little very over excited that I had finished the sewing and couldn’t wait for some decent light for proper photography…


This was a really easy project, and I was able to reduce my ribbon stash by using a piece that I already had. Projects like this are great for upcycling old trimmings, and the ‘make do and mend’ ethos can make a lovely garment out of two items that weren’t quite so fantastic on their own!

Monday Mood Board


The shapes of flowers as they are opening can be so interesting: I have often looked at the shape and form of aquilegia flowers, but had never noticed one half way between being a tightly closed bud, and an open flower.flower-structure

The way that the petals are furled in a spiral reminds me of the paper windmills that children play with!folded-petals

I’m not sure what project these forms will inspire, but can imagine the shape and structure being used in a textile or jewellery project.back-of-flower

Monday Mood Board


Lovely Washi tape- I definitely need it, it’s not just a magpie-like attraction to the pretty, bright colours…


Monday Mood Board


Despite the clouds, it is definitely starting to look a bit more like summer…


…and the sky has been a particularly gorgeous shade of blue today!


Monday Project: Paper Garland


Instead of a ‘Monday Mood Board’ post this week, I have a Monday project instead. The project has been inspired by the lovely bright flower blossoms featured in my post on May 18th, and uses the tissue paper circles that I made for the Mood Board post on May 11th.

The paper garland is super easy to make, and very quick- it is also a good way to use up small scraps of paper, or to upcycle used wrapping paper!



  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Thread
  • Glue (I used a glue roller so that the tissue paper didn’t get soggy)
  • A circular hole/craft punch (mine cuts out circles 1.5cm in diameter, and with a scalloped edge)


First, cut out some paper circles- you need twice as many circles as counted on the garland, as the circles are stuck together in pairs.


Lay out a length of thread and glue the circles together in pairs (one on top of the other), sandwiching (and therefore securing) the thread between them.


Keep going until the garland is as long as you like, or until all of your circles have been used up: et voila, one finished garland!


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