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Monday Mood Board


Bright greens make me think of spring- which is hopefully on it’s way!

Miniature Paper Tape Bunting!


Bunting is a fantastic way to brighten up a dull corner, and this miniature bunting can find a home in the smallest of spaces! The bunting is made from Washi (paper) tape and cotton thread, and is a quick and easy project, and thrifty too.


First choose your washi tape- I chose tapes that were all the same width for a uniform look. Next fold short lengths of tape in half over a strand of thread (or wire if you want to shape your finished bunting), sticking them to themselves. The lengths of tape that I used were approimately 3cm long, and I attached them to the thread with 2cm gaps between each ‘flag’.


Keep adding strips of tape until the bunting is of the desired length. Next, cut the bottom off each piece of tape, making the ‘flags’ into squares.


 You can leave the flags as squares for a bolder look, or trim them into triangles. If making triangular flags then I found that it is best to cut from the top of each flag, downwards, to avoid accidentally snipping the thread!


And after only a few minutes’ work you have some lovely, cheerful bunting to brighten up a corner of your day!



Christmas Gift Tags DIY


I always have some cardboard off-cuts lying around from a previous project that are ideal for this purpose! A wide variety of decoration can be used; here I have used washi tape (decorative, adhesive paper tape), making this a very quick project.

One of the advantages of making your own gift tags, is that you can make them any size (or shape) that you like.


For these tags I used a decorative hole punch in the shape of a raindrop, but any shaped hole punch of a suitable size can be used.


These tags were simply decorated by applying a strip of washi tape across the bottom edge. I continued the tape around onto the back of each tag too, so that both sides are decorated.

As you can see, washi tape lends a stylish edge to a very basic craft project, resulting in some smart-looking gift tags!


These tags were quickly made in the middle of a present-wrapping session when I needed them to finish the wrapping (yes, if I was organised I would have realised I needed more tags before I started the wrapping!).

This project needn’t be limited to Christmas either, a change of decoration/design makes them suitable for other gift-giving occasions too (see previous post here).


Monday Mood Board- Christmas is coming…


I can’t believe Christmas is only two months away; I’m trying to feel inspired so that I can start making presents!




Monday Mood Board


Lovely Washi tape- I definitely need it, it’s not just a magpie-like attraction to the pretty, bright colours…


DIY Decorative Labels

Here is a very quick DIY craft project- making fancy decorative labels for presents. I think Washi tape (colourful Japanese adhesive paper tape) can probably be used to decorate almost anything…


Materials needed:

  • Cardboard (or shop-bought plain luggage labels)
  • Washi tape
  • Decorative twine such as paper twine or striped bakers twine
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Small round adhesive labels, or those designed to re-enforce hole-punched paper (optional).


First cut out your labels and punch a hole in the top of each one. You can buy pre-made luggage labels, but making your own offers a wider range of colours, and you can cut them to exactly the size and shape that you wish.


Re-enforce the punched hole using a piece of Washi tape or two labels (one on each side of the tag), and then attach a length of twine.


The final (and most fun!) stage is to decorate the labels using Washi tape: the tape can be placed diagonally or parallel with one of the edges, different tapes can be placed randomly all over one side, or you can decorate both sides if you wish.

The finished labels can be used for all sorts of purposes; larger ones can be used as invitations, or you could write a letter in tiny writing on one and post it to a friend. Think outside the box!


I’m off to write some tiny letters…


Monday Mood Board

Christmas Crafts 2

It has only recently dawned on me how near we are to Christmas (having Christmas stuff in the shops since September just seems to make me blind to it!), so I have started to get some Christmas craft materials together.

Christmas Crafts 1

As well as aiming to make as many gifts as possible (I’m on the second pair of ‘Christmas-present gloves’ now…!) I also like to make sure that they are wrapped nicely. As I have a few presents to send abroad I am going to have to get started on the present wrapping sooner rather than later, especially as present wrapping seems to take place in a parallel universe, where however long you think it will take needs to be doubled to calculate the actual amount of time needed!

Christmas Crafts 3

Unusual Upcycled Craft Storage

I came across a small box of unused glass test tubes at a car boot fair (I’m starting to think that there can’t be many things that you couldn’t find at a car boot sale…!), and have been thinking of ways to upcycle them into a form of craft storage.

Test Tube Pencil Pots

The tubes are very light weight, so as long as they aren’t filled with anything too heavy then Washi tape seems to be an effective way of attaching them to the wall.

As with the vintage silver trophies that I use to store pens and pencils (see this post), the shape does limit their uses, but they make an eye-catching display when filled with something colourful!

 Dice in Test Tubes

For some more of my posts on DIY craft storage see here, here and here.

Monday Mood Board

Sketchbook Page- Bright Colours

I thought I’d share a page from my sketch/scrapbook with you; as you can see I’ve been enjoying some bright colours lately! The bits of fabric and paper are from a variety of sources, including artist’s business cards, a giraffe postcard from Paperchase (a lovely stationers in the UK), washi tape, pictures from magazines, and a 1970’s fabric remnant.

Washi Tape

Washi tape

 Mmm… a draw full of lovely Washi tape!

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