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Leather and Crystal Cuff

A few weeks ago I posted a leather bracelet DIY project: I recently found a small scrap of lovely salmon pink leather, and this seemed the ideal purpose for it.




I stumbled across a second-hand loom at a jumble sale recently, so have been experimenting with weaving. The loom is a small table-top one, so I have started by weaving a couple of scarves.


The loom was really easy to get to grips with, and I enjoyed the weaving process. It was definitely quicker to weave a scarf than to knit one, although I think I still find knitting a more engaging process. The woven scarves felt finer and more ‘fluid’ than a knitted scarf, with a nice, smooth finish.


The blue and white scarf is a slightly looser weave than the green and purple one, and is woven using cotton and wool yarns. The green and purple scarf is woven from wool yarns.


The ease with which you can change colours (and neatly too) means that this is a great way of using up leftover lengths of yarn. I am now thinking of other potential weaving projects..!

Monday Mood Board- Late Summer Flowers


As autumn is now definitely on the way, I am trying to make sure that I notice the flowers before the garden starts to die back. One advantage of a wet summer is that the plants have all flourished!




Time for Sock Knitting Again!

The smell of autumn in the air (and the obviously colder nights) mean that I have felt the urge to start seasonal sock knitting again: I have just started on this pair…


…I am making up the cable pattern as I go along, so am hoping that they will work out as planned!

Monday Mood Board: Dartmoor

The weather over the weekend has been lovely and sunny (especially as it is practically autumn now!) for the first time in a few weeks, so I have been out and about enjoying the countryside, rather than crafting at home.

 Dartmoor is can look pretty bleak in the winter (and the spring, and the autumn…), but it looks lovely in the summer, with lots of colour- particularly in the form of flowering gorse and heather. As Devon has had a fairly wet summer, even the bracken is still bright green, and the grass hasn’t dried out either.


Helpfully, the Dartmoor ponies were more than happy to strike a pose for the camera! The ponies are ferral; they are owned by local farmers, but roam free on the moors.



A Vintage Portrait


Life is much more fun when you smile!

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