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Vintage Sewing Items

 Vintage Sewing Box (2)-001

I do love vintage haberdashery, both to admire the lovely packaging, and to use the (generally) good quality products. I also have a vintage leather suitcase full of hand-embroidered linens, which I have been saving to use in a future craft project (or several projects!).


Vintage Sylko Cotton Reels Advertising


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts (see here, here and here), I collect vintage wooden Sylko cotton reels, and have about 130 different colours so far. The rainbow of colours makes a great display, and the names of the colours are very imaginative: according to the above advert from the late 1940’s there were 337 different colours (and I have a couple of reels with numbers in the 400s on them), so I can see why they had to be creative when it came to names!

Monday Mood Board

  Vintage Wooden Sylko Cotton Reels

With the darker days at this time of year I find bright colours particularly appealing. The colours of these vintage wooden Sylko cotton reels are inspiring me to get sewing!

Vintage Wooden Cotton Reels

Brightly Coloured Sylko Cotton Reels

Monday Mood Board

Some vintage sewing goodness…

Vintage Sewing Box (1)

…in a lovely wooden box!

Vintage Sewing Box (4)

Vintage Sewing Kit

Vintage sewing kit- pink   Vintage sewing kit- pink2

The vintage sewing kit that I put together last month (the post can be seen here) was well received by the friend it was intended for, so I decided to make another. I thought I’d use a different colour scheme for this one, and as you can see, the friend it was made for likes pink!

The box used for this kit is interesting- it was one of two that I bought in a second hand shop. There is a plaque in the lid of each saying that they are made from elm that formed a part of Waterloo Bridge (and was removed from the bridge during restoration work). The plaques make the boxes just a little more interesting, and the smooth, satin finish to the wood means they are lovely to handle.

What unexpected things you can find when shopping for vintage items!


Vintage Cotton Reels

Sylko reels and bunny

I’ve been putting a few bits and pieces together as a present for a friend who loves dressmaking, and thought the colours of the thread on these vintage wooden cotton reels was asking for a photo to be taken!

The group of wooden reels in this picture are all vintage Sylko: I collect Sylko reels (as I previously talked about I  this post), usually picking them up in charity shops or at car boot sales, but unusually haven’t come across any for several months- I must keep a sharper look out!

Monday Mood Board

Vintage sewing and other ephemera

A few vintage bits and pieces, with a bit of a number theme this week.

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