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Monday Mood Board: Decorated Tools


In between craft projects (and waiting for inspiration to strike) I decided that I fancied giving some of my craft tools a quick make-over. I use these tools a lot (mainly for jewellery making), and why shouldn’t they be beautiful (or maybe just a little more decorative) as well as useful?


It’s also nice making something that you own unique, especially when the item was shop-bought. It was rather like doodling: a calm and quiet project that gave my brain time to think of what I would like to make next…


Monday Mood Board- Seaside Sunset


Although the ‘summer’ weather here has been fairly changeable lately, we have had a couple of lovely sunsets over the last week. The coinciding high tide has made for some very picturesque scenes that I couldn’t resist photographing…


The way that the clouds mirrored the ripples on the water was particularly eye-catching. Although it wasn’t one of the most vivid sunsets that I have seen, the soft pastel colours were lovely.


Leather Tassels DIY


After making the leather flowers I featured in a post a couple of weeks ago, here is another DIY project to use up even smaller scraps of leather- tassels! The tassels can be made to any size, from teeny-tiny to big and chunky, and you can use any type or texture of leather and/or suede, making it an excellent stash-busting, thrifty project.

MATERIALS- You only need:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Leather/suede
  • Glue


Choose your leather, and cut strips of the length and width that you fancy. The more strips, the thicker the finished tassel will be. To save time when glueing, several strips may be left joined together (like a short length of fringe)- if you are making a single-coloured tassel, then you can leave the strips joined at the top (like one long strip of fringe), and just roll it up to form the body of the tassel.

As I was using scraps of suede (and in different colours), I wasn’t able to cut my strips as one long fringe: this does, however, enable you to mix the colours up how you want when assembling the tassel.


You also need one long strip of leather to form a loop, so that you can hang up your finished tassel (all the better to admire it of course!).

The loop forms the centre of the tassel, around which you start to glue the strips or fringing. If making a multi-coloured tassel, then this is where you get to choose which colours go where.


Working from the centre outwards, keep adding strips/fringe until either you have run out of pieces of leather/suede, or the tassel has reached the size that you want.


To create a neat finish, cut out a small rectangle of leather and glue it around the top of the tassel. At this point you may want to trim the bottom of the tassel so that the fringing is all the same length (or you can leave it a bit uneven if you fancy a softer look).


And there you have it, one finished tassel! Depending on the size, these tassels can be used to make jewellery, to embelish clothing, as an interior decoration, or even to decorate a present for a friend.

I quite fancy making a huge chunky one now…


Monday Mood Board: Summer Flowers


Well, the ‘summer’ weather here in Devon has been a bit hit and miss so far this year, but the lovely flowers don’t seem to have noticed!




Ok, I actually managed to sort of forget about my Pinterest account for a few weeks (I’m only 35- I dread to think what my memory will be like when I’m a pensioner…!), but having remembered it all of a sudden, I have added a couple of new boards and lots of new pictures. If you fancy a peek then click here.

I am going to attempt to update it far more often, as I realise that there is no point in anyone revisiting if nothing has changed! On that note, I am off to do some updating…

Handmade Envelopes DIY Project


I seem to have amassed a small(ish!) collection of decorative papers, so I decided that it was time to put some of them to good use, hence this (very easy) project. A few of these evelopes put aside can be used as an attractive, quick way of wrapping small gifts.

First choose some paper: as the ‘back’ of the paper will form the visible inside of the envelope, make sure that both sides of the paper are suitably attractive (or plain).


Next, open up an old shop-bought envelope and use it as a template; cut out your envelope from the patterned paper.


Now fold the envelope into shape:


Use a small amount of glue to attach the side flaps to the bottom flap:


Ta da, one finished envelope!


This was such a quick and easy craft project that I got a little carried away, and made a few more envelopes to go along with the first one…

Next I plan to make a few by upcycling vintage paper ephemera, such as sheets of music and pages from (damaged) illustrated childrens books. I will make a few in different sizes too, so that I have some ready for any present-wrapping emergencies!



Monday Mood Board: A Vintage Portrait


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