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Inspiration: Lovely Old Lace

There is a cabinet of lovely old lace fragments at my local museum, which always serves to remind me that it is good to tackle a more complicated craft project every now and then, and that it is amazing what craftsmen and women could make with their hands before machinery started to do it for us.

These pieces of handmade lace are so delicate and intricate, and must have taken an immense amount of time to complete: they certainly show the benefits of patience and dedication.

Monday Mood Board: Bunnies!

I seem to have acquired quite a few rabbit-related bits and pieces, including jewellery, stationary and small ornaments, some of which are shown here. I think I’ve always found the motif appealing, and can clearly remember particularly liking a picture of a black and white dutch rabbit in a Ladybird book when I was about three years old. Rabbits also make me think of spring, despite there being no shortage of them in the UK year-round!

I made the necklace and knitted rabbit shown above (the knitted rabbit is a great quick Easter gift); the ornaments and buttons are vintage; the blue wooden brooch is by a modern designer-maker (I am embarrassed to say that I can’t remember her name); the gold charm is modern.

DIY Decorative Hair Clips


I have made a few decorative hair clips this year, and really like using feathers mixed with something sparkly. The ones shown here are rather dressy- the two mainly blue ones were made to wear to weddings. It isn’t very clear in these pictures but the clip with the peacock feather is backed by a fluffy white marabou feather, adding some width to the clip.


The brown, gold and black clip in the centre (in the picture above) is a more subtle design, and I made it to wear to work on bad hair days! It consists of a row of diamontes sewn onto a piece of black patent leather, with feathers glued to the back of the leather. To the back of this was then glued a second piece of leather, onto which had been sewn a metal hair clip.


Decorative hair clips are a definite stash-busting project, and they are so quick and easy to make. Vintage brooches or earrings can be up-cycled to provide a sparkly base for a decorative hair clip, and all sorts of haberdashery bits and pieces can be added. I plan on making a couple of clips to give away as Christmas presents…!

Pearl and Bead Bracelet

This project has been a good reminder that sometimes simple designs are the best…


 The small pearls enhance the lovely blue faceted Sodalite beads, rather than distracting from them.


The bracelet only required the few materials shown above, but took around two hours to make. Soldering the jump rings closed before I started (and then cleaning and polishing them), and tying a knot between each pearl as I strung them created a nicer (and more robust!) finish, but took time.


It isn’t visible in the photographs, but the facets on the Sodalite beads mean that they sparkle when they catch the light…


Monday Mood Board

Some lovely 1950’s fashions from a vintage sewing magazine, one model is sporting a rather unusually-shaped hat…!


An advertisement from the same vintage magazine is shown below: it’s amazing to think that such a widely used piece of haberdashery as the zipper actually hasn’t been around for very long (just over 100 years). Apparently the name is onomatopoeic, referring to the sound made when the zip is closed or opened (interesting fact courtesy of Wikipaedia). I can’t believe that that had never occurred to me before…

Vintage-sewing -magazine-adverts-page

Vintage Sewing Patterns

This post could also be titled ‘So Many Patterns, So Little Time’! When I do have the time, I look forward to making the Vogue coat pattern shown in red below.

Vintage Sewing Patterns

Vintage sewing patterns often have the added bonus of some lovely (and glamorous!)  illustrations on the packet.

Cut-off Denim Shorts

As an addition to the post I made on Sunday about DIY cut-off jeans, this is a pair I made into shorts last summer, and below are some more fabulous ideas from other crafty bloggers:

 DIY shorts with pompoms

Click here for the amazing ideas below from Ko-te

How to color shorts

How to decorate the shorts


Check out this link for these lovely yellow cut offs below (I love the decorative zips!), and bright multi-coloured beauties from Keep.

Zip Decorated Fluorescence Color Denim Shorts

Gradient fluorescent flash tassel tie dye denim shorts



And take a look at the Dishfunctional Designs  blog for some imaginitive ideas of what to make with the denim that you have cut off, including toys, decorations and quilts!



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