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Monday Mood Board: Dahlias


The Dahlias are still looking gorgeous; I love the gradation of hues, and the structural pattern formed by the petals.


Monday Mood Board- Orchid Flowers


I have a row of orchids on the windowsill in front of my work bench, and never cease to be distracted by them when they are flowering. I love the delicate shapes of the flowers, and find the gorgeous colours particularly inspiring.

yellow-orchid  pale-yellow-orchid

Because the foliage of the different plants is almost identical, I often have a nice surprise when they flower, as I have forgotten which one is which colour!

violet-orchid  lilac-orchid


orchid-flower  purple-pink-orchid

Miniature Paper Tape Bunting!


Bunting is a fantastic way to brighten up a dull corner, and this miniature bunting can find a home in the smallest of spaces! The bunting is made from Washi (paper) tape and cotton thread, and is a quick and easy project, and thrifty too.


First choose your washi tape- I chose tapes that were all the same width for a uniform look. Next fold short lengths of tape in half over a strand of thread (or wire if you want to shape your finished bunting), sticking them to themselves. The lengths of tape that I used were approimately 3cm long, and I attached them to the thread with 2cm gaps between each ‘flag’.


Keep adding strips of tape until the bunting is of the desired length. Next, cut the bottom off each piece of tape, making the ‘flags’ into squares.


 You can leave the flags as squares for a bolder look, or trim them into triangles. If making triangular flags then I found that it is best to cut from the top of each flag, downwards, to avoid accidentally snipping the thread!


And after only a few minutes’ work you have some lovely, cheerful bunting to brighten up a corner of your day!



New Year, New Goal


I can’t believe that 2016 is already underway! After a busy Christmas I have started to think a bit about New Year’s Resolutions, and future plans of the creative type.

First of all I plan to repeat a resolution I followed in 2014:

Not to buy any craft materials/supplies during 2016!

Unlike 2014 I will not allow myself to buy or acquire any second-hand materials either (I find a lot of my craft supplies at car boot sales), in an attempt to make a serious dent on my craft stash over the course of the year. In order to make this resolution slightly easier to keep, I will still be allowed to buy glue if required.


I hope that this resolution will help me to be more creative with the materials that I have, and encourage me to complete projects that I have been planning for a while. I expect to engage in a fair bit of upcycling and Make do and Mend as well. I am looking forward to a creative 2016, and a smaller craft stash by the end of the year!


Monday Mood Board: Sketch Book

I’ve been having a flick back through some of my sketch/scrap books for inspiration…Sketchbook- Plant Drawing

They contain a mixture of sketches, material samples, scraps, magazine articles and artists cards- in fact, anything I find interesting! In the picture above I had glued a (dried) pressed plant stem on a page next to a sketch of the living plant.

Sketchbook Page 1-001

I try to arrange individual pages around a particular theme, often exploring an idea for a project (in the picture above and the picture below I was looking at the theme of wings and feathers whilst developing a jewellery design).

Sketchbook Page 1-002

In contrast to my slightly obsessive quest for a neat finish when crafting, I quite like the slightly haphazard nature of my sketchbooks, and enjoy spending time adding new ideas.

Monday Mood Board- Late Summer Flowers


As autumn is now definitely on the way, I am trying to make sure that I notice the flowers before the garden starts to die back. One advantage of a wet summer is that the plants have all flourished!




Monday Mood Board: Summer Flowers


Well, the ‘summer’ weather here in Devon has been a bit hit and miss so far this year, but the lovely flowers don’t seem to have noticed!



Monday Mood Board


Teeny-tiny flowers in teeny-tiny vases… what’s not to like?!


These photographs are actually larger than life-size, the real vases and flowers really are very small…


Monday Mood Board


The shapes of flowers as they are opening can be so interesting: I have often looked at the shape and form of aquilegia flowers, but had never noticed one half way between being a tightly closed bud, and an open flower.flower-structure

The way that the petals are furled in a spiral reminds me of the paper windmills that children play with!folded-petals

I’m not sure what project these forms will inspire, but can imagine the shape and structure being used in a textile or jewellery project.back-of-flower

Monday Mood Board

Some flowers collected from the countryside during a walk with the dogs on Saturday…




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