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A quick and easy project

A quick and easy project

All that’s needed to make this eye-catching necklace are:
*Felt rectangles (for large rosettes 6″x2″, small rosettes 4.5″x1.5″)
* A flat piece of plastic big enough to form the base (e.g. cut from an ice cream tub lid).
* 2x pieces of felt to cover the plastic.
* Bias binding to go around the base (sandwiching together the edges of the plastic, and the felt covering the plastic).
* A needle and some thread- to gather the felt rectangles into rosettes.
* Glue
* Scissors
* Small pom poms.


An exciting discovery when out walking with the dog- spring is finally springing!


Some colourful things that caught my eye…

Some colourful things that caught my eye...

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