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New Year’s Resolutions

I often have so many craft ideas in my head that it can be difficult to concentrate on one thing. To avoid some of the lovely craft distractions always available, I have decided that for 2014 my single New Year’s Craft Resolution is:

Not to buy any new craft materials throughout the whole of 2014!

There are only two exceptions to this rule, I can buy glue when necessary for a project, and I can buy second hand materials from car boot sales- but only if I have a specific project in mind, and am not already in the middle of a crafty make!

Due to the distribution of my craft stash I aim to particularly (but not solely) concentrate on yarn-based and fabric-based projects. Designing the window display for a local yarn emporium last year (it is too lovely to be called a shop!) has resulted in me receiving payment in yarn, and so far I haven’t been able to knit fast enough to keep up!

I plan to share my projects via this blog, and am looking forward to a challenging but inspiring year of makes- wish me luck!


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