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Singer 4

Today I am feeling inspired by my vintage (almost antique) manual Singer Sewing Machine. I haven’t used it for a little while, but I have a few projects planed that it will be perfect for!

Singer 2    Singer 3

I also have a modern electric John Lewis sewing machine, which I love, but nothing beats the sound and feel of the old Singer… The Singer is also a thing of beauty which looks  good as well as being useful, something the modern sewing machines don’t quite match up to (the beauty bit that is; electric machines are obviously extremely useful, and a lot faster than the old manual and treddle machines!).


I have collected a fairly extensive range of original Singer Sewing Machine feet and attachments (the old, ‘Simanco’ labelled ones): I think they invented an attachment to do almost anything apart from bake a cake! I have big, complicated feet for anything from producing ruffles, pin tucks or pleats (yes, those are recognised as three separate functions!) to darning, sewing buttonholes and attaching lace. The largest and most technical-looking foot is the one for producing a zigzag stitch- it seems amazing now, but the early machines couldn’t move the position of the needle to sew the common zigzag stitch, so a foot was invented that moved the fabric from side to side instead!

I have spent many hours trying to work out what various Singer Sewing Machine feet and attachments are, and how they work!


Sew much fun!

Sew much fun!

I had a lovely time last weekend teaching a friend to sew. She bought an old manual Singer from me to learn how to use a sewing machine, and we had fun playing around with a variety of specialised feet as well. As a useful beginner’s project she made a 3.5 metre length of bunting (consisting of nine flags), using vintage and antique and-embroidered fabrics. The fabric was cut from damaged items, so it was a good up-cycling project too. In between teaching I started to make a length of bunting of my own, which I plan to finish this weekend- photo to follow!

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