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Brush Writing


After Monday’s post about mark-making tools I decided to have a go at lettering using a brush and ink. It was more awkward than I expected to achieve a neat result, but I quite like the slightly naive/rustic look that the technique lends itself to. I used water colours to add borders to the papers.

Monday Mood Board- Drawing


Lots of different tools can be used for mark-making, and can produce a variety of different effects. I haven’t taken the time to do any drawing or painting for a while, so this is now on my to-do list. Sometimes just playing with different tools can provide inspiration.

Monday Mood Board

Elephant mood board

The vintage British birthday card (left of picture) is odd looking that it caught my eye, and I bought it for the princely sum of 10p! I find the bright colours and patterns of India very compelling, and have collected Indian miniature paintings for a while now (when I spot more affordable ones). The exceptionally detailed little elephant picture (bottom right- the crystals are not part of the picture!) was painted by Ramu Ramdev, a leading miniature artist in India. He paints amazingly detailed pictures, and the clothes and other textiles in his paintings are always beautifully coloured and patterned. Some of his work can be seen here, although the paintings are even more vibrant and accomplished when seen in real life!

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