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Monday Mood Board

I have been doing some experimenting with embroidery on paper, and have enjoyed mixing the two mediums of paper and textiles. Here are some of the experiments in my sketchbook, as you can see they aren’t all finished yet!

Bird Embroidery on Paper (a)

Bird Embroidery on Paper (b)

Bamboo Plant Embroidery on Paper.

Monday Mood Board

Vintage Embroidered Fabric 1

Today I have been looking through some of my vintage hand embroidered fabrics- they seem to multiply when I’m not looking! It is amazing how much work has gone into some hand embroidered antique and vintage fabrics, and it’s a shame that they get thrown away if they have a rip or stain. I use damaged pieces in new projects, and am able to cut them up guilt free as they were no longer usable in their original form, even if most of the fabric is undamaged.

It is nice to give a new life to something that was made with such care and skill, upcycling something slightly damaged to make it desirable again!

 Vintage Embroidered Fabric 2

Vintage Sewing Kit


Vintage sewing kit

I put together a sewing kit as a present for a friend: she is a vintage enthusiast and a new convert to sewing, so I hope that she likes it! The lovely  box is an upcycled vintage wooden cigar box, and the contents includes three lengths of handmade lace, some cute buttons and silk embroidery threads. One of the best things about putting together a kit like this is that you can select colours that you know the recipient likes- and it’s fun choosing what items to include!

Monday Mood Board

Many Bright Things mood board

I really loved the bright colours in this vintage embroidered table mat as soon as I saw it: I haven’t decided what to do with it yet, but thought I’d start by using it as a prop for this colourful photo!

Embroidered Picture Experiment

Embroidered print picture
I often pick up nice second hand picture frames, and throw away the cheap, faded prints they contain before reusing the frame. Before chucking this reproduction of a Millais painting, I thought I’d see whether a little stitching couldn’t improve it slightly…

Update: Mollie Makes has just added an article to their website featuring amazing embroidered photographs, it is well worth a look if embroidery is your thing! Click on this link to check it out.

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