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Easter and Spring Time!


I hope that you all had a lovely Easter weekend (despite the very wet weather if you were in the UK!).


I have left my Easter decorations (hand-decorated wooden and ceramic eggs hanging from white-painted branches in a vase) out for a little longer, as they have been brightening up their corner of the house in this dull weather. At least spring has now arrived!





Easter Egg Decorations


I love Easter, and most years make some new egg decorations to hang from a vase of white-painted branches. I love the fact that Easter means that spring has arrived, and the world (in England) starts to get a little more colourful again as flowers and leaves start to appear.


This is an easy DIY project that doesn’t require many materials, and as each one is unique you don’t have to be too precise when making them either!


  • Plain Easter egg decorations with a smooth surface (I used un-glazed ceramic ones)
  • Imitation gold leaf (or the real thing if you’re feeling decadent!)
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A paint brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • PVA glue


First paint your eggs in the colour(s) of your choice. Acrylic paint works well as it dries quickly and has a surface that the PVA glue can adhere to.


Next tear or cut your (imitation) gold leaf into small pieces- the leaf is thin so should be easy to tear by hand.

Next dilute some PVA glue with water (I used a solution that was approximately 25% PVA and 75% water). Covering a small area at a time, paint some of the watered-down glue onto the egg, and then using tweezers (as the gold leaf is fiddly and delicate to handle) apply a piece of gold leaf to the surface: repeat as required.

When you have finished applying the gold leaf, give the whole egg a thin coating of the watered-down glue, and leave to dry thoroughly. The diluted PVA solution didn’t tarnish the leaf that I used, or dull it’s reflectiveness.



If you want to cut the leaf with scissors to get straight edges, then it is easiest to do this whilst the sheet of leaf is still between two of the tissue paper pages that it comes packaged in. As the leaf is metal, beware that it will dull your blades a little.

If your pieces of gold leaf are too large, then you will find that they tend to be difficult to place flat on the egg, as they are difficult to control with the tweezers. I found pieces larger than approximately 2 x 1.5cm difficult to work with, although this will vary depending on the thickness of the leaf that you are using.




Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

Some more Easter pictures can be found on my Easter Pinterest board.

DIY Easter Egg Decorations

Easter is my favourite time of year: spring is here (and summer is on the way!), the days are getting longer, and the world is starting to look a little brighter with the appearance of flowers in the countryside- what’s not to like!


I like to bring flowers in to the house for Easter, and also to hang up some decorations on a bunch of white (spray-painted) branches in a vase on the kitchen table. Most of the decorations are painted eggs, with happy memories attached; including the ones my mother bought when I was a small child, and those that I have decorated over the last few years with family and friends.


Egg forms are widely available in craft and discount stores at this time of year: the most widely available ones are made from wood, hollow plastic, papier mache or polystyrene. The wooden eggs are often quite small, but are easy to decorate using paint (see picture above).


The polystyrene eggs don’t have a very smooth or attractive surface, so look better if they are completely covered (using decoupage or feathers for example). Hollow plastic eggs- particularly if an attractive colour- are suited to partial decoration, such as a cluster of fabric flowers around the top (in the picture above two of the plastic eggs are finished, and the other three have yet to be decorated).

I’m off to finish decorating the three plain ones above…!


Happy Easter!

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