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Leather Flowers DIY


I have been inspired by all of the lovely summer flowers blooming at the moment; these little flowers can be made from leather, suede or felt, and are a great way of using up small leather scraps. The flowers can be uniform in colour, or you can go wild and create a multi-coloured bloom!

Soft, relatively thin leather and/or suede works best, as it allows the petals to fold open rather than appearing stiff and upright. The flowers can be made to any size, and can be attached to brooches, hair clips/bands, bags, hats etc.



  • Optional: brooch back, hair clip etc as desired.
  • Leather scraps (not too thick)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Glue

First of all cut out the flower petals, plus some narrow strips to form the flower stamens. The petals don’t have to be perfectly shaped, as long as the edges are cut neatly and they have a straight bottom edge: different sized-petals work best.  For the red and purple flower I used 18 petals and nine stamens (six short blue ones, and three longer green ones).


First of all glue the stamens together in a bunch to form the centre of the flower:


Next, start gluing petals in place: start with the smaller petals, and attach them a little way up from the base of the stamens.


Keep adding petals, using larger and larger ones, with the final few being attached level with the bottom of the stamens.


Et voila, one finished flower!


suede-flower pink-leather-flower


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