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Inspired by a recent post on the lovely re:retro blog featuring 1950s brooches, I thought I’d dig a few of mine out. I wear them a lot in the winter on jacket and coat collars/lapels (and sometimes on hats), but am going to try to remember to wear them more in the summer too.

Making brooches is also a great DIY project, as so many different designs and mediums can be used. Here are a few I have made over the years, using techniques including crochet, enamelling, embroidery and silver smithing:


The brooches I have collected tend to fall roughly into one of three categories: brooches made by contemporary designer-makers, vintage sparkly brooches, and ‘novelty’ brooches. Here are a few of my favourites:

Contemporary designer-maker brooches:


Vintage sparkly brooches:


‘Novelty’ brooches:


Well-chosen brooches are like a little artwork that you can wear, and it’s nice to see that more and more contemporary designer-makers in the UK seem to be including them in their collections. Long live the humble brooch!


Comments on: "Monday Mood Board: Vintage Brooches" (3)

  1. Little accessories like these make my heart go all a-flutter!


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