Objects old, vintage, hand made or upcyled, and old techniques with a modern twist

I thought I’d share a few favourite blogs with you, although I have to admit to admiring a lot more than the limited number mentioned here! I don’t want to bombard readers with an overwhelming list, so thought I’d mention a few now, and some more at a later date!

Although I do follow some amazing craft blogs, I also get inspiration from other websites, particularly those featuring ‘design’ subjects such as interiors, art and graphic design etc. In no particular order, here is a range of craft, vintage and design blogs that I have found inspiring:

  • Who’d Have Thought features a well-curated range of art, design and craft projects, including upcycling and DIY. There are articles by different designers/makers, and lots of projects to try.
  • re:blog is written by a couple of clever graphic designers, and features all sorts of paper and design goodness, from original designs to their ever-growing collection of pop-up books (a favourite of mine!). Lots of very colourful pictures and typography.
  • Yvestown features some beautiful interiors, plus craft projects, and the photography always uses light in a lovely way.
  • re:retro blogs about quirky vintage finds in Australia. Amazingly- as I live on the opposite side of the world (in England)- this has included some vintage crockery made only a few miles away from where I live. Amazing how small the big, wide world can feel with the aid of the internet!
  • Muymolon is a Spanish blog (thank goodness for the translation tool!) that features some lovely design and interiors, often featuring quirky (but attractive) homewares.

If there are any inspiring blogs or websites that you would like to recommend, then please leave a comment!


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