Objects old, vintage, hand made or upcyled, and old techniques with a modern twist


Instead of a ‘Monday Mood Board’ post this week, I have a Monday project instead. The project has been inspired by the lovely bright flower blossoms featured in my post on May 18th, and uses the tissue paper circles that I made for the Mood Board post on May 11th.

The paper garland is super easy to make, and very quick- it is also a good way to use up small scraps of paper, or to upcycle used wrapping paper!



  • Coloured tissue paper
  • Thread
  • Glue (I used a glue roller so that the tissue paper didn’t get soggy)
  • A circular hole/craft punch (mine cuts out circles 1.5cm in diameter, and with a scalloped edge)


First, cut out some paper circles- you need twice as many circles as counted on the garland, as the circles are stuck together in pairs.


Lay out a length of thread and glue the circles together in pairs (one on top of the other), sandwiching (and therefore securing) the thread between them.


Keep going until the garland is as long as you like, or until all of your circles have been used up: et voila, one finished garland!



What do you think?

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