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Easter is my favourite time of year: spring is here (and summer is on the way!), the days are getting longer, and the world is starting to look a little brighter with the appearance of flowers in the countryside- what’s not to like!


I like to bring flowers in to the house for Easter, and also to hang up some decorations on a bunch of white (spray-painted) branches in a vase on the kitchen table. Most of the decorations are painted eggs, with happy memories attached; including the ones my mother bought when I was a small child, and those that I have decorated over the last few years with family and friends.


Egg forms are widely available in craft and discount stores at this time of year: the most widely available ones are made from wood, hollow plastic, papier mache or polystyrene. The wooden eggs are often quite small, but are easy to decorate using paint (see picture above).


The polystyrene eggs don’t have a very smooth or attractive surface, so look better if they are completely covered (using decoupage or feathers for example). Hollow plastic eggs- particularly if an attractive colour- are suited to partial decoration, such as a cluster of fabric flowers around the top (in the picture above two of the plastic eggs are finished, and the other three have yet to be decorated).

I’m off to finish decorating the three plain ones above…!


Happy Easter!


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