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DIY Lanyard Project

Like many people nowadays, I have to wear a lanyard at work with my ID badge attached. The standard work-provided lanyards are rather boring, so I thought I’d make a few more attractive ones for myself and some friends.

This is a VERY easy project!


Materials required:

  • Grosgrain ribbon- this holds its shape much better than satin ribbon, and looks crisper.
  • A split-ring (like the sort on key rings)
  • A trigger-clasp, preferably with a swivel attachment, so that your ID always lies flat when the lanyard is being worn.
  • A rivet (large enough for the split-ring to pass through comfortably)
  • Some suitable glue


First of all cut the ribbon to your preferred length- it needs to be long enough to pass easily over your head, but not so long that the lanyard gets in the way/is annoying when being worn!

Line the ends of the ribbon up so that one end protrudes approximately 1cm beyond the end of the other. Glue together flat (with the glued area running approximately 1cm up the ribbon. Next, fold the extending end of the lower piece of ribbon up and over the end of the upper piece of ribbon. Glue into place: it should look like this:


Using an awl (sharp, pointed tool) pierce a hole through the ribbon where you would like the rivet to sit:


insert the rivet, and use rivet pliers (or a hammer) to fix the rivet in place:


The back of the rivet should be folded back and sit flush with the surrounding ribbon:


Using rivet pliers (rather than a hammer) means that the front of the rivet will keep its rounded ‘doughnut’ shape:


The final step is to use the split ring to attach the trigger-clasp to the lanyard- see what I mean about being a quick project?!


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