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DIY Fabric Bow Hair Clip


Making fabric bow hair clips is a quick and easy project, and a great way of using favourite small pieces of fabric (for my bows I used some lovely textured woven material by the weaver Margo Selby- she used to sell offcuts when she exhibited at Art in Action in Oxford).


You will need:

  • Fabric (not something that frays wildly, as you will be working with quite a small piece of material)
  • A needle and thread
  • A hair clip
  • Scissors


The main part of the bow is essentially a hollow tube/rectangle, made by folding one piece of fabric in half, and then hemming the edges. I was working with off-cuts of different dimensions here, so (as you can see in the two pictures above) the blue bow was made by folding a long rectangle in half left-to-right, and the purple bow was made by folding a square in half top-to-bottom.


The band around the middle of the bow is made using a long, narrow strip of fabric with the rough edges of the two long sides folded underneath it and out of sight. The band is then sewn in place, gathering the centre of the ‘bow’.


The final task is to sew the bow onto a suitable hair clip.

Ta da, all finished!



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