Objects old, vintage, hand made or upcyled, and old techniques with a modern twist

Rings scetchbook page-001

With a lot of craft projects I get stuck in to the making once I have the inspiration, rather than taking the time to draw the idea in a sketchbook, or work through different versions of the design. When making jewellery though, much more expensive materials are involved than in sewing or knitting projects (usually, knitting with qiviut yarn being a possible exception!), and processes like soldering or piercing (sawing) can’t be undone so easily.

Sometimes the initial idea isn’t of a finished piece, but inspiration in the form of a pattern, texture, gemstone etc. Using a sketchbook enables the initial idea to be worked through from this simple start to the design for a finished piece.

Rings scetchbook pageBecause of the nature of the craft, and the materials used, I usually do quite a few drawings before starting any actual making. There are still, however, plenty of times that I will change a design slightly during the making process, and I like the fact that there is still room to be spontaneous!

Rings 1

The rings shown here are the result of several pages of sketches and ideas. When I am dying to leap in and start making something I try to remind myself that the time spent sketching can save money (in materials), and usually results in a more cohesive design. On more than one occasion I have had what I thought to be a good design idea, but once I have started to draw it I’ve realised that it is impractical, or that the piece would actually look better with a few changes to the design. I have to confess to rare (?!) lapses in good sense though, and a couple of projects have had to be melted down half way through!

Rings 3


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