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DIY Leather Envelope Clutch

Leather Envelope DIY 11

In need of a Christmas present for a friend, I had a think about how I might be able to use some lovely soft red leather that I have, and decided on this- a leather envelope clutch. As the recipient is a regular letter writer, I filled the envelope with some hand printed notecards.

Once I had decided on size and design, this was actually a really quick DIY project, and the relatively small amount of leather used means that it could be a way of upcycling a no longer worn leather jacket.

Leather Envelope DIY 1

The size of the clutch was determined in this case by the fact that I wanted to fill the finished article with some note cards: I found an appropriately sized paper envelope, opened it up, and used it as a template to cut the leather.

Leather Envelope DIY 2

The leather envelope is held together primarily using two heart-shaped split-pins (brads), and one brass eyelet. The envelope was folded up into shape, and holes pierced to insert the split-pins. In order to further stabilise the shape of the envelope I used a small amount of glue to secure the side and lower flaps together (between the bottom corners and the position of the split-pins).

Leather Envelope DIY 3 Leather Envelope DIY 4

Once the split-pins had been fixed in place, a hole was pierced in the top flap and a brass eyelet inserted.

Leather Envelope DIY 5

The eyelet pliers were used to open and flatten the back of the eyelet, fixing it in place.

Leather Envelope DIY 6 Leather Envelope DIY 7

A ribbon threaded through the eyelet- with a well placed bow- serves to fasten the envelope closed.

Leather Envelope DIY 12

I used a rubber stamps to decorate some plain notecards and envelopes, which I placed inside the leather clutch before wrapping it up for Christmas!

Leather Envelope DIY 9

Leather Envelope DIY 10


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