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Winter/Christmas Bunting

Christmas Bunting 1

A couple of years ago I got together with some friends before Christmas and we all made our own strings of Christmas bunting (or seasonal winter-themed bunting). It is a relatively quick and easy project, and I have just finished making the string shown here as a Christmas present for a friend this year.

Christmas Bunting 3

The project is great for using left over scraps of fabric or felt, and the flags can be as big or small as you want (and any shape!). I used felt here as it doesn’t fray (so time didn’t need to be spent on hemming all of the edges), and felt is also thick enough to glue- rather than sew- the pieces together without the glue showing.

I am a great fan of sewing things (and very fussy about the finish being as near to perfect as possible), but in this project using glue still resulted in a very nice finish, and saved time. Gluing most fabrics results in a less tidy finish than stitching, with the dried glue being visible on the finished piece, but felt is thick enough to prevent the glue soaking through if you don’t use too much.

Christmas Bunting 2

Very few materials are needed, and this is a great stash-busting project as all sorts of items can be used for decoration, including pompoms, buttons, ric rac or sequins.

Christmas Bunting 4

Using glue made it much easier to attach the pompoms, and taking care to use a small amount meant that it wasn’t visible. The Bostik glue that I used here is fantastic, and I have yet to find a material that it won’t work on! It also dries a lot quicker than textile glue, making it easier to work with.

The project was so quick and easy that a couple of work colleagues may also be receiving some bunting for Christmas this year…!

Christmas Bunting 5


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