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Simple Craft Storage DIY

Decorated Jar Lids

As anyone who makes things- whether it be sewing or painting, jewellery making or book binding- will know, suitable storage for tools and materials is always needed. If that storage is also good looking and unique, then so much the better.

The upcycled jars here required a minimal amount of time and effort, but they look much better on the shelf in my studio after a bit of a makeover.

Decorated Jar Lids 1

All that is needed for this project is some glass jars with flat lids, some patterned self-adhesive vinyl, a pair of scissors and compasses.

Decorated Jar Lids 2

The self-adhesive patterned vinyl that I used was a great vintage find- two unopened rolls of stick-on ‘shelf lining’ from the 1970s/80s.

Decorated Jar Lids 3

As well as (or instead of) sticking a patterned disc to the jar lids, a broad band could also be placed horizontally around the glass jar itself.

This is a very simple project, but I think it results in a much more attractive form of storage than just using the plain jars, with the added bonus that it just took a few minutes to do!

For some of my previous posts on craft storage DIYs please see here, here, here and here.



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