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Bright Socks

As you can see, I have finished the pair of socks that I started just over a week ago. I used two balls of a lovely self-patterning Opal Sock Yarn that I bought a couple of years ago- my New Year’s Resolution (to buy no new craft materials in 2014) has definitely helped me to thin my stash of craft materials!

I had some of the yarn left over, and I didn’t want to put it back into the yarn drawer to remain unused for another two years, so guess what I made…?

Bright Socks & Mittens

…Fingerless mittens! I designed the fingerless mitten pattern a few years ago as a one-ball project, and it’s great for using up spare sock yarn.

The weather here in Devon has just started to get colder this week, so the fingerless mittens have already had an outing. As soon as the temperature drops a little further, the socks will also become a regular wardrobe staple for the winter.

Bright Socks 2

The fingerless mittens are also a fairly quick project to knit, so I am planning on digging out some more nice yarn, and making at least one pair to give as a Christmas present. As we are already over a week in to November, I should probably crack on so that they are actually knitted in time for this Christmas!


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