Objects old, vintage, hand made or upcyled, and old techniques with a modern twist

Monday Mood Board

Feathers are such magical things, so light, soft and delicate, as well as being functional- aiding flight and providing insulation. I have enjoyed using feathers in some of the jewellery that I have made, as well as using them in some clothing upcycling projects- such as adding a feather trim to the collar of a coat.

Mood Board- Feathers

The ‘painted’ feather on the right hand side was an experiment- the designs were drawn on using permanent marker pens (‘Sharpies’ in this case). The drawn marks stayed quite sharp on the surface of the feather, with less ‘bleeding’ of the colours than I expected.

My favourite DIY project using feathers is the necklace in the centre of the picture: it combines three of my favourite materials, a peacock feather, an opal, and gold. I constructed the pendant in such a way that the feather can be removed and replaced if it becomes damaged, but it has proved to be amazingly resilient. I made the pendant about six years ago, and despite regular use, the feather has not yet needed to be replaced.


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