Objects old, vintage, hand made or upcyled, and old techniques with a modern twist

I love the old pieces of vintage and antique hand embroidered linen that I have come across (…yes, some of them have ended up in my stash..!), and it is amazing to think about the huge amount of time some of the larger and more intricate items must have taken to make. I enjoy doing some embroidery myself, but generally don’t want to commit to a mammoth project: I also like using embroidery in less traditional projects.

I have a some lovely vintage rosettes that I have used in a few projects, and they seem a nice way to display a small piece of embroidery. Combining that with a friend who likes cocker spaniels, and voila, an idea for a handmade present!

Spaniel Embroidered Rosette

The upcycled rosette was a quick and easy project: once the embroidery was finished, I removed the cardboard centre from the rosette, and cut a new one of the same size. I then wrapped the embroidery around the new cardboard centre, and glued the edges of the fabric to the back. Next I glued the embroidery-covered cardboard centre on to the front of the rosette. The final task was to attach a circle of decorative paper to the back of the rosette, and write on a message to the recipient.

P.S. I’m not spoiling any surprises by posting this project, as the friend has already received the gift!

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