Objects old, vintage, hand made or upcyled, and old techniques with a modern twist

I came across a small box of unused glass test tubes at a car boot fair (I’m starting to think that there can’t be many things that you couldn’t find at a car boot sale…!), and have been thinking of ways to upcycle them into a form of craft storage.

Test Tube Pencil Pots

The tubes are very light weight, so as long as they aren’t filled with anything too heavy then Washi tape seems to be an effective way of attaching them to the wall.

As with the vintage silver trophies that I use to store pens and pencils (see this post), the shape does limit their uses, but they make an eye-catching display when filled with something colourful!

 Dice in Test Tubes

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Comments on: "Unusual Upcycled Craft Storage" (3)

  1. What a fun and unique find! I’m always excited when I find something unusual that can be repurposed in a clever way… I like that you’ve used these for colored pencils, such a fun thing to display!


    • Thank you! I know what you mean about being excited when you have an unusual idea to reuse an object, and using unusual containers to hold tools and craft supplies definitely makes my desk look more interesting!


  2. […] For some of my previous posts on craft storage DIYs please see here, here, here and here. […]


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