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Monday Mood Board

Hand knitted socks & gloves

Although we have had some lovely warm and sunny weather here in England over the last few weeks, the evenings are starting to draw in, and the leaves are starting to fall- the arrival of autumn always makes me want to KNIT! The socks and fingerless mittens shown here are those that I made last year (and yes, all the socks and gloves do have matching pairs!): hand-knitted socks and gloves are always far warmer than anything from the shops, particularly if you use a yarn with some alpaca wool (like the fingerless mittens shown here).

 The patterns were all my own, and in fact the fingerless glove pattern came about as a result of being challenged to make something from a single ball of yarn, for a local yarn shop. Being given a craft challenge by someone else is always fun, and single-ball projects are a good way to work through the inevitable odd balls of yarn in the knitting stash!

I am currently trying to decide what my first autumn knitting project will be…

Hand knitted socks


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  1. […] enjoy knitting all sorts of things, but I think that the socks, gloves and hats that I have knitted over the past few have been the most rewarding projects, even though […]


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