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Wire Peacock Craft Project

I’ve seen a few amazing large animal sculptures made from willow and/or wire over the last few years, and have admired the skill of the artists. I found that some coiled lengths of copper wire had been bet out of shape in the bottom of a drawer, so decided to do a bit of free-style modelling with it: I had been working on some peacock feather jewellery designs in my sketchbook, hence the choice of this bird.

Wire Peacock

The peacock sculpture is only 4 inches high (so very far from life-sized!), and not as proficient as the animals made by professionals, but it has found a happy home sitting on a shelf in my workshop. The long feet were required to keep it standing upright!

The wire peacock is a relatively quick and easy crafty make, and a great way of up-cycling lengths of wire from other projects. The small blue and green glass seed beads used in the tail were ones I already had, and I used two different thicknesses of wire as that was what I had to hand.  To make this peacock I used:

  • 1mm diameter copper wire
  • 0.8mm diameter copper wire
  • Snipe (pointed) nosed pliers
  • Tin snips to cut the wire (don’t ruin your best scissors cutting wire!)
  • A few glass beads

It would be interesting to try making a small sculpture like this combining two different colours of wire, or using more unusual objects to embellish it.

  Peacock sketchbook page

Peacock scetchbook page 1

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