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The start of the new school year at the beginning of September has meant that there has been a lot of lovely new stationery in the shops! There have been some excellent bargains, and having picked up a big set of new marker pens, I wanted to display their lovely colours rather than shut them away in a drawer. I have collected a few antique and vintage silver-plated trophies which I use for a variety of ‘display’ purposes, e.g. to hold small house plants/small handfuls of coloured glass baubles/etc. So, Ah ha! I thought- they could be used as pen pots to decorate my desk!

Trophy Pen and Pencil Pots

I enjoy giving new life to vintage trophies that have ended up at car boot sales etc, and they sometimes have interesting bits of history engraved on them- the large one in the photo (in the centre) was for the winner of the British India Cup race at the Karachi Yacht Club, and I have a smaller cup given to the winner of the inaugural Hong Kong Grand Prix!

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