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Lovely Late Summer Colours


I’ve finished a few craft projects this week, and am waiting for the weekend so that I can take some pictures to share them with you. I have been working late, so the light hasn’t been good enough for photographs by the time I get home in the evenings.

In the meantime I wanted to post these photographs that I took up on Dartmoor last weekend. It was a lovely, sunny day, with big, fluffy white clouds, and the colours were amazing. The heather and gorse are both flowering at the moment, so there were random explosions of purple and yellow all over the place. The more is lovely at this time of year, and it’s hard to imagine how bleak and wild it will look come winter-time.

The cute chap in the last photo was one of this year’s foals (there are herds of wild ponies living on the moors), and he was very inquisitive and friendly, gradually creeping closer and closer to get a good look at what I was up to!






Comments on: "Lovely Late Summer Colours" (2)

  1. lovely [and quite retro] landscape images. superb!


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