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Mythical Unicorn Skull!

Whilst playing around with some left over polymer clay, and having recently seen a collection of antique taxidermy, my strange brain thought ‘I know, why not try to make a form that looks like the skull of a mythical creature?’!

I thought that as I am familiar enough with horses to model it (I hope) reasonably accurately (assuming, of course, that if unicorns existed they would have the musculoskeletal system of a horse or course!), and that adding a horn would be easy, right? No, it was NOT an easy project!

Unicorn Skull 1   Unicorn Skull 2

Like a real skull, I modelled the lower jaw separately, and it was surprisingly difficult to make the two pieces fit accurately (and not too loosely), and to sit together correctly unaided. It was a challenge. And that ‘easy’ unicorn horn? Well, it wasn’t too difficult in comparison to forming the skull and jaw, but it turns out to be a little difficult to make a long and thin polymer clay form truly straight. In order to keep the horn straight whilst the clay was in the oven, I baked it separate from the ‘skull’, and attached it when hardened by drilling a corresponding hole in the forehead of the ‘skull’, and inserting the base of the horn.

The  finished piece is only 2.5 inches high (including the horn), which may have had some bearing on the difficulty of the project! As well as being quicker to make a smaller piece, I found it was also easier to position the features in relation to each other, and I think it looks a little less morbid being much smaller than life-sized.

I realise this project might not be to everyone’s taste, but hope that the finished piece looks intriguing and reasonably realistic- what do you think?


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