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Vintage Sewing Kit


Vintage sewing kit

I put together a sewing kit as a present for a friend: she is a vintage enthusiast and a new convert to sewing, so I hope that she likes it! The lovely  box is an upcycled vintage wooden cigar box, and the contents includes three lengths of handmade lace, some cute buttons and silk embroidery threads. One of the best things about putting together a kit like this is that you can select colours that you know the recipient likes- and it’s fun choosing what items to include!


Comments on: "Vintage Sewing Kit" (4)

  1. i would love it! any chance…. ….. ….?


    • Thank you! Funnily enough I am planning to put a few together to sell on Etsy- I have given a few away as gifts recently, and friends have liked them so I thought I’d be brave and see if they appeal to anyone else! I’ll post details on my blog when I put the kits on Etsy: I think I have an identical box to this one, do you want me to let you know if I have the haberdashery to make up a near identical kit to the one in this post?


  2. hi- edwina (reretro) again- couldn’t reply to your reply- i will watch for your etsy store- i think it’s a great idea.


  3. […] vintage sewing kit that I put together last month (the post can be seen here) was well received by the friend it was intended for, so I decided to make another. I thought […]


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