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Horse and Blue Dress

I made this summer dress last year from some beautiful bright blue fabric decorated with sketches of Brighton Pavillion. I took AGES trying to make sure that the neck ruffle was evenly gathered (yes, I had to resist the temptation to try to measure all of the ruffles individually…!), but think it looked ok in the end. It is lovely to have some sunny weather to wear it again this year (this photo was taken yesterday), and I thought that the blue fabric against the green grass and chestnut horse (yes, he’s ginger) really made all the colours pop. It took a lot of courage to post a photo with me in though!




Comments on: "Handmade Summer Dress" (4)

  1. where is the fabric from? (I live in Brighton! )


    • It was from a local habedashers, I think I bought it last year?! The fabric is cotton and the pattern is called ‘Brighton Pavillion’. When I get home this evening I’ll have a look at my fabric scraps to see if I have any pieces with the selvedge still attached- if so then I’ll let you know what info is printed there!


    • Hi again Jude: I’ve had a look at the scraps of the blue ‘Brighton Pavilion’ fabric that I have left, and I’m afraid there were no selvedge-edged pieces left, so I am unable to give you any more info about the fabric. On the off chance, on my way home from work I also popped in to the shop where I’d bought the fabric origionally, but they said their bolt of that design sold out last year. Sorry I couldn’t be any more help- if I spot that fabric (or a similar design) anywhere I’ll let you know!


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